Aloe vera an effective antioxidant

Aloe vera an effective antioxidant
For centuries, aloe vera has always been an absolute ally of beauty among women and its essential use in beauty care, which stems from the fact that aloe vera is an excellent hydrator and nourishes your skin while also helping to fight many ageing factors.

And this significant feature is largely due to the rich composition contained in aloe vera that consists of many polyphenols and anti oxidizing substances that fight against the growth of certain bacteria and also against ageing.

A few words about antioxidant

It is often mentioned that antioxidants are a necessity that furnishes a strong health condition, but what exactly are these antioxidants and how is it used?

As a matter of fact, antioxidants, by definition will combat oxidizers, in other words, free radicals. Our body produces these free radicals, but an excess of free radicals can prove harmful for one’s health since it can entail a premature ageing of cells or cause diseases.

Tobacco, alcohol, excess exposure to the sun, not to forget sports, pollution, medicine, etc. may eventually increase the number of free radicals in our body. The ultimate purpose is to maintain a constant equity between oxidizers and antioxidants.

It is therefore important on account of our lifestyle to have a sufficient antioxidants intake.

Where are antioxidants found?

We find antioxidants present in many of the foods but some are rather poor in amount while there are others on the other hand, that are quite very rich in antioxidants.

Such being the case, for aloe vera which is an absolute concentrate of micronutrients, essential vitamins, etc. … Being rich in antioxidants, aloe vera can thus be consumed frequently, in order supply the body with all what it needs.

Also note that antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables, green vegetables where there is also chlorophyll or lutein for example, lycopenes in tomatoes, melons, or even beta-carotene in carrots, apricots …

Aloe vera that treats your acne

Aloe vera that treats your acne
It has been clearly understood that aloe vera is an excellent choice to regain a revitalized and a well hydrated skin but what exactly is its efficiency in dealing with recurring problems such as skin acne for instance?

Is it truly effective or is it merely a marketing argument focused on further widening the target customer intending to increase their sales on products.

Acne and Aloe vera

There isn’t simply one acne but in fact, tens and hundreds of acnes and each condition is a different and a specific case, therefore, caution is therefore advised.
Consequently what works on one individual maybe of no use to the other, and if antibiotics for example are effective for certain teenagers, for others on the other hand their effects are fairly limited and the same theory applies for aloe vera as well.

Does aloe vera help cure acne? Answers are yes and no.

In fact, aloe vera can only cure existing acne and it certainly cannot prevent new growths.
 Aloe vera hydrates the skin, and controls the sebum production.
 It further reduces red patches and other inflammations, due to its high anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.
 By contrast, it stimulates cell growth and helps cure and heal your skin.
 Finally, added to this is that aloe vera has strong antibacterial properties and it will therefore help combat bacteria, which are the main reasons for acne.
In conclusion, aloe vera will not, except in rare cases, treat acne causes but contributes to cure the effects with which it follows, and helps the patient regain an invisibly red, less burning and a less infected skin, while also facilitating with fewer long-term visible scars.

Using aloe vera for acne is therefore highly recommended, which can only improve the condition of the skin, and on the other hand, keep in mind that it’s not a miracle product that will erase any tracks of acne within a matter of a few days.

Make your home-made products with aloe vera

Make your home-made products with aloe vera
Nothing more natural and safe than the products we’ve prepared ourselves since at least we are aware of what’s included and the reason for why it’s added.
Preparing your products with aloe vera gel is one excel way of owning low cost, successful and effective products.

Proposed to you below are therefore some few easy recipes that will further encourage and help you make inspiring products with aloe vera.

Make your aloe vera shampoo

A very simple but a strongly effective recipe, which will provide you a shampoo well suited for oily or dry hair and a great cure for dandruff.

For this, you will need a half-cup of aloe vera gel, a half-cup of Castile liquid soap, half a teaspoon of oil, and a teaspoon of glycerin. Put everything in a non-transparent bottle, mix well before each application and this is all it takes to have a great shampoo.

Make your aloe vera lip balm

Soon it’ll be winter, welcoming the icy coldness and nothing is perfect than an aloe vera lip balm to avoid resulting in cracked lips.
In order to repair this, all you need is some beeswax pellets, sweet almond oil and some aloe vera gel.

In a double-boiler, put half a cup of beeswax pellets, two teaspoons of sweet almond oil, then when everything is melted and an attractive homogeneous paste is formed, add two teaspoons of aloe vera off the heat and let it cool.

Put this into a small jar with a lid and voilà! An excellent nourishing and a moisturizing lip balm.

Make your aloe vera soap

An easy, quick recipe, which only needs some grated Castile soap, in flakes melted in a pan, added to it some drops of essential orange oil, and then one to two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and finally, to let it cool.

Aloe vera and the immune system

Aloe vera and the immune system
Natural medicine is seldom known to produce side effects or inaccuracies throughout the medicinal history and a herbal plant used in ayurvedic, Chinese, Egyptian or any other medicine is very often the evidence of a real medicinal purpose from this plant.

This is particularly true in the case of aloe vera, which has from time immemorial and in many parts of various cultures been used, for different skin problems, its remarkable cosmetic qualities in its gel, but also and more importantly for its toning virtues.

Aloe vera gel stimulates your immune system

Even without any adequate capacity and knowledge to analyze plants or herbs at the time, what remains clear is that natural medicines have got it right with aloe vera, a true concentrate of essential nutriments that helps strengthen and maintain the proper balance of your body’s immune system.

The aloe vera pulp has an exceptional composition, containing B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12 vitamins together with vitamin E, A and D.

A glass of aloe vera juice means a glass of nutritious vitamins, added to it the traces of pure elements, amino acids, minerals and much more…

This is the best way to ensure that your body has all the weapons it needs, to fight against any harmful infections and bacteria.

In fact, the immune system is the body’s natural barrier set up from birth. We have what belongs to the body and what comes from outside, such as for example, viruses, bacteria, parasites, foreign molecules …
Your immune system is ready to fight with all these foreign bodies, which is in fact our natural defenses.

Therefore, in order to have a strong and healthy immune system, it is important to supply all the essential nutrients to gain better health benefits.

A regular consumption of aloe vera will furnish you with your necessary daily doses of certain vitamins, coupled together with several micronutrients and other nutrients, and to make better sense, add aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice to your daily meals.