Aloe vera for your face

Aloe vera for your face
Aloe vera is a plant that particularly sets to captivate the female audience whose cosmetic products are essentially incorporated with aloe vera.

It must necessarily be said there’s nothing better than certain anti-ageing virtues present in aloe vera to nourish your skin any better.

An aloe vera face mask

Whether it’s to treat an oily skin or some dry skin or simply to hydrate the skin after a good sunbath, an aloe vera face mask is the ideal solution to keep your skin well-hydrated and supple.
In order to prepare this mask you will need a cucumber (medium), some aloe vera gel (two teaspoons) and if you have, some essential rose oil (3 to 4 drops), this is well known to tone your skin.

Mix all this in a blender until a homogeneous mixture is formed, then apply this mask with cottons balls to your face spreading it onto the bottom and the nape of your neck, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it off with cool water. As a variant with this mask, you may add three to four teaspoons of honey in addition.

Aloe vera helps reduce pores

Having too many dilated pores very often results in problems besides not being very attractive.
Luckily for you, aloe vera that helps reduce pores in the skin is the perfect treatment. Simply mix cucumber with a half a cup of aloe vera gel and make a paste.

Once it turns into a very soft mixture, apply it generously to your face and leave it throughout the night. But first, cover your pillowcase with a terry towel.

A simple home-made remedy whereas aloe vera that helps reduce pores in the skin is certainly effective.

Aloe vera for dandruff

Aloe vera for dandruff
Dandruff; a deep-seated problem for most of us, not always easy to live with and withstand depending on the volume of skin flakes or dandruff that we lose.

This skin disease which mainly affects the scalp,still remains unknown, despite the numerous researches carried out on its subject, and its reasons are not yet fully comprehended, neither does anyone know the 100% effective remedyin this respect.

On the contrary, several possible treatments are introduced and aloe vera stands higher among these remedies. Being natural, harmless and less expensive, this is one of the most appreciated and recommended solutions.

Aloe vera to treat dandruff

Aloe vera, a natural remedy for dandruff is a simple treatment to follow with two possible solutions.

As regards with the first one, it requires some aloe vera oil, which is to be accurate, a macerate. The second solution is to use some aloe vera gel, which will bea little less perfect and combinedwith the second ingredient than the oil but nevertheless, remains quite effective.

So as to cure dandruff using aloe vera, you will hence need some aloe vera oil or gel and some tea tree oil.

The method

In a bowl, mix a cup of aloe vera oil or aloe vera gel and add approximately 15 to 20 drops of tea tree oil. And then put in a spray bottle.
Remember that this is a strong oil and you should not use it in any excess amounts.

Mix it well before every use, spay it on dry hair and on the scalp, be generous. Tea tree oil and aloe vera will then start acting on your dandruff.

Then massage your scalp with the mixture and finally leave it for good twenty minutes. There’s nothing else you’ll need to do except to rinse it off later. An operation to be done every day in order to procure best results.

Aloe vera and Burns

Aloe vera and Burns
Aloe vera is a product that usually appears on the front pages of magazines every summer, it must be said that its capacities to relieve sunburns, are equal in every respect to the famous Biafine, a supernatural cream that is applied as soon as we become a little red.

Aloe vera and Sunburns

A sunburn is far from being a harmless, minor burn, it can on the contrary have some serious consequences and may cause adverse harmful effects and damage your skin.

Sunburns are nothing new, and in tropics and other times, Greeks or even Egyptians have already made use of aloe vera to relieve their skin after an increased exposure to sunlight.
The principle quality of aloe vera in this respect is that it rehydrates deeper into the skin and helps it reconstruct.

A property that has also been scientifically proven and related studies are also quite evident.

Aloe vera for first and second degree burns is more effective by far than a classic treatment with a silver sulfadiazine antibacterial cream.

The results of the test are certainly very precise, aloe vera helps cure about 20 % faster than a classic medicinal treatment would

Aloe vera and Minor burns

A sunburn is comparable to a burn and the use of aloe vera is highly recommended for this.

During a burn, you must at first cool the affected area by washing it or placing it under cold water.

And then, some aloe vera gel must be applied generously. If however the pain is too high for this application, simply coat a sterile gauze with some aloe vera gel or an aloe vera cream and place it on the burned part.
In addition to aloe vera being an excellent hydrator, it also has analgesic properties that will reduce the pain.

Do not however hesitate to consult a healthcare professional for an increased safety.

Does aloe vera juice help you to lose weight?

Does aloe vera juice help you to lose weight?
We always come across everything and anything on this matter and it’s not always easy to get an accurate picture on the mere situation between marketing and commercial messages and the reality, where it seems to be a major step for all of us.

Does aloe vera juice really make you slim or is this just an additional argument to have it sold, a question to which we will try and answer as honestly as possible to the extent that scientific studies on the subject takes a rather lethargic process, let alone almost nil.

Losing weight with aloe vera

What science says:
In fact two related serious studies were compiled recently. The first being carried out using animals reported an effective weight loss from some of the small creatures after a regular consumption of aloe vera. Afterwards, in view of their success, the same experiment was renewed with some obese patients on whom after eight weeks of treatment; a remarkable weight loss was noticed.

Indeed, they were very encouraging results, but on one hand we are not animals, and on the other, a single study on human beings concerning only 136 patients is too little to confirm how things will actually turn out.

Properties in aloe vera that promotes weight loss

However, even if studies have been few on the subject, properties in aloe vera juice are certainly very well known.
Properties that may prove quite useful in weight loss:

Aloe vera increases metabolism: An increase in metabolism with a regular consumption of aloe vera juice will promote fast weight loss and reduce the body mass index.

Aloe vera has strong laxatives effects: Taking laxative is a perfect solution to lose weight, even if it must not be used on the long term.

Aloe vera is rich: the numerous vitamins in aloe vera, such as niacin and folic acid will favorably and highly contribute to burn more calories.

It might also be added that aloe vera contains a number of phytosterols that helps reduce blood sugar and visceral fat.

In short, it may be said that aloe vera juice truly helps lose weight…..although
In the meantime, you can check out these few recipes on aloe vera juice whether it helps lose weight….. or not …