Make your home-made products with aloe vera

Make your home-made products with aloe vera
Nothing more natural and safe than the products we’ve prepared ourselves since at least we are aware of what’s included and the reason for why it’s added.
Preparing your products with aloe vera gel is one excel way of owning low cost, successful and effective products.

Proposed to you below are therefore some few easy recipes that will further encourage and help you make inspiring products with aloe vera.

Make your aloe vera shampoo

A very simple but a strongly effective recipe, which will provide you a shampoo well suited for oily or dry hair and a great cure for dandruff.

For this, you will need a half-cup of aloe vera gel, a half-cup of Castile liquid soap, half a teaspoon of oil, and a teaspoon of glycerin. Put everything in a non-transparent bottle, mix well before each application and this is all it takes to have a great shampoo.

Make your aloe vera lip balm

Soon it’ll be winter, welcoming the icy coldness and nothing is perfect than an aloe vera lip balm to avoid resulting in cracked lips.
In order to repair this, all you need is some beeswax pellets, sweet almond oil and some aloe vera gel.

In a double-boiler, put half a cup of beeswax pellets, two teaspoons of sweet almond oil, then when everything is melted and an attractive homogeneous paste is formed, add two teaspoons of aloe vera off the heat and let it cool.

Put this into a small jar with a lid and voilà! An excellent nourishing and a moisturizing lip balm.

Make your aloe vera soap

An easy, quick recipe, which only needs some grated Castile soap, in flakes melted in a pan, added to it some drops of essential orange oil, and then one to two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and finally, to let it cool.

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