Lose weight with these aloe vera juice recipes

Lose weight with these aloe vera juice recipes
Get the best out of these few recipes enriched with the best nutrients that will help you be in your greatest form while also burning some extra calories.

Simple and easy recipes to help you drink your daily dose of aloe vera without adding too much inconvenience, simply by varying tastes and nourishing contributions.

Aloe vera juice with strawberries

For this recipe, you’ll need a fresh aloe vera leaf and some strawberries. Strawberries have very little calories, but are full of fibers and good vitamins.
– Clean a fresh aloe vera leaf
– Remove the skin leaving only the pulp and the gel
– Put them in a mixer with strawberries
– Add a little water
– You can also add a little honey if you wish

Serve well chilled for breakfast to kick start your day in full form.

Aloe vera juice with green tea

Green tea, well known for its properties of weight lose is an excellent ally for aloe vera.

– Clean a fresh aloe vera leaf
– Remove the skin, and keep the gel and the pulp
– Put them in a mixer while adding some lemon juice
– Then prepare a cup of green tea and place it in a cool place
– Add the aloe vera and the lemon mixture into the tea
– Mix everything well and you will have a perfect refreshing tea to lose weight.

Aloe vera juice with cucumber

Ideal for hot sunny afternoons or simply with your meals; this refreshing drink is full of good things for your body and will help you eliminate all your superfluous calories.

– Take the pulp and the gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf
– Peel out a big cucumber
– Then add the cucumber and the aloe vera in a mixer
– Add some mint and basil leaves with some lemon juice
– Add water and one or two spoons of honey
– Mix everything and add some slices of citrus fruits, lemon or orange..
A simple, quite energizing juice that is very pleasant to drink, containing only the best chosen nutritious nutrients.

If not, you can daily take a fresh aloe vera leaf, extract the pulp and the juice and mix it with any fruit juice of your choice, such as pineapple, grapefruit, carrot etc.…

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