Contraindications of aloe vera

Contraindications of aloe vera
Aloe vera is an entirely natural product that is recommended for its many benefactions for the human body.

However like every other product, several precautions of use must necessarily be taken since it can result in unwanted effects or simply because its consequences of a huge consumption on certain bodies are not yet fully certain.

Known contraindications

Aloin: major risks with aloe vera mainly relate to aloin; one of the components present in the aloe vera latex that has solid laxatives properties. Consequently it is advisable that pregnant women, nursing mothers, those suffering from ulcers, from renal disorders and from cardiac diseases should refrain from consuming aloe vera gel, juice or pulp. On the other hand a topical application will result in no proven danger and can be used at discretion.

It is also recommended for those suffering with no illness, to stop any aloe vera consumption in the case of severe diarrhea, vomiting or nausea.

Blood sugar problems: All those with blood sugar concerns, diabetes or any related condition, or those undergoing treatment for this condition, should refrain from consuming aloe vera, since aloe vera can cause a drop in blood sugar levels.

Burns: it’s worth remembering that aloe vera gel can be used to treat first degree burns, but it’s best that you refrain from using this on major burns such as second or third degree burns.

Wounds: aloe vera can be used to help in healing wounds, but then again, it’s only on less severe, mild or shallow wounds. Applying aloe vera gel for more serious wounds is not recommended.

Finally, the last contraindication is mostly a safety precaution, be careful on the products that you choose to buy, since everything and anything can be found available on the market and cheap products of this kind rarely goes in line with quality products.

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