Benefits of aloe vera for your body and hair

Benefits of aloe vera for your body and hair
Aloe vera; this thousand-year-old plant that Egyptians have already used for various remedies and for which Queen Cleopatra remained a lifelong loyal fan, only because aloe vera was already the basis for a number of effective cosmetic products.

If on a purely healthy level, aloe has well- recognized effects that stimulates the immune system, help in digestion, cures intestinal disorders…….and above all, aloe vera was at all times used for the betterment of the body and hair.

Aloe vera for hair

Whether it is assessed esthetically or from a more purely comfort level, aloe vera plays a major role among essential products to treat the scalp.
Aloe vera gel is the perfect solution to treat:

Problems of dandruff: Nourishing and hydrating the scalp, it will promote a better blood circulation in the scalp, while also maintaining a regular elimination of dead cells which will transform your damaged scalp back to its normal state within days. A daily massage in the area with some aloe vera should quickly be done.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis: a skin disorder that occurs due to an excess of sebum production, resulting in the formation of red patches on the scalp and creating itches. Aloe vera is known to control this excessive sebum production and will hence help the scalp get back to its normal condition. Even a simple massage is more than enough to give you the best results.

Nourishes and enrich your hair: particularly rich in active components, aloe vera helps moisturize, soften and nourish your hair and scalp. For oily hair issues, aloe vera regulates the sebum production allowing to treat this condition.

Aloe vera for the body

Aloe vera also works wonders and helps hydrate your facial skin or even a different part of your body.

Your face, along with the elbows, the knees and all other exposed or particularly dry parts of your body, will find softness and sensitivity if you apply some aloe vera gel regularly and smoothly massage to let it penetrate well.

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