Aloe vera on your dishes, some recipes

Aloe vera on your dishes
Aloe vera gel has always had this little bitter taste that is at the same time quite powerful, two qualities that can be used in cooking so as to consume a little more of aloe vera every day

Aloe vera in sauce

Running out of vinaigrette? All you need is some aloe vera gel or a little pulp that you can freely extract from its plant. Then, use them for cooking.

Aloe vera gel is perfect for salads:
– Lemon, lime or even green mango juice
– Aloe vera gel
– Olive oil
– And a little mustard(optional)

Mix everything together and voilà, you have a vinaigrette with excellent aloe vera gel and not to forget the full package of the best nutriments for your body right in your vinaigrette.
Make sure to add a pinch of sweetness to this delicious nutritious sauce by adding a little honey, but you can also make a classic vinaigrette and add some aloe vera gel onto it.

The healthiest vinaigrette:
– Olive oil
– Garlic
– Cider vinegar
– Aloe vera gel
– Some chopped basil
Mix everything together and voilà, you have made a powerful, excellent vinaigrette containing ingredients exclusively recognized for their strong health benefits on your body. Again, to add some sweetness, honey can be optionally added.

Aloe vera is rarely used in the kitchen, and you won’t find a cake recipe with aloe vera, but you can surely use the power of its taste as a perfect seasoning for all kinds of dishes.
Very often, aloe vera gel has both a bitter and an acid taste and it’s exactly these two properties that is found in a number of cocktails that uses some bitter lemon tonic.

You can consider reading some cocktail recipes using this ingredient to make a few varied drinks with aloe vera.

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