Aloe vera its dosage

Aloe vera its dosageLike all other products even when being totally natural and on account of its very rich composition, it is always recommended to use aloe vera with respect to a few certain rules and above all, a certain dosage in order to avoid any unfavorable side effects that could at times result in detrimental consequences.

Aloe vera produces two substances which are quite different both in aspect as well as in use. Two substances with completely different effects and hence the dosage between these two components should necessarily be considered with great attention.

Dosage of the aloe vera latex

The latex of the plant is in yellow color, this is the sap, which has a bitter taste and is found in the epidermis of the leaf.

Its major active compound is aloin, a molecule that has an effect of being a rather powerful laxative. On the other hand, the latex can cause irritations and red patches, when applied on the skin. It is therefore diametrically contrary to the qualities in the gel during topical application.

Aloe vera latex however helps treat constipation and intestinal transit issues. The recommended dosage is 50 mg to 150-200 mg. Why is there such a large range? Simply because its effects differ from one individual to another, therefore you are recommended to begin with 50 mg and gradually increase the dosage as necessary.

A product that must be taken with caution and on a punctual basis like all other laxatives.

Dosage of the aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel can be used topically or by ingestion, its uses and the dosage are naturally different.

External usage:

Aloe vera gel that is applied on burns, wounds, or other skin problems seldom creates negative effectives and can be used at your discretion.

Internal usage:

It is recommended that you respect a dosage of gel between two to three teaspoons a day before meals.

It is quite understood that here, we are solely talking about the gel extracted directly from the plant, but if you choose a commercial product, it’s preferable that you refer to the specific recommendations of the manufacturer for the appropriate dosage which will depend on the degree of the concentration of the product.