Aloe vera how to plant it

Aloe vera how to plant it
Aloe vera is a rather simple plant that can be grown both outside and indoors. However if you decide to keep it outdoors, make sure that it is exposed to a rich amount of sunshine and heat since it tolerates low temperatures very badly.

Suffice it to say that it is therefore preferred to keep it indoors especially as it features an attractive look and will hence allow you to benefit from its gel all year long and all of this only requires very little maintenance.

Aloe vera plants can be easily found in garden centers or at your usual florists who can if necessary, order it.

Taking care of aloe vera

When repotting your aloe vera in a more voluminous pot, it is better recommended that you choose an adequate sized pot, a pot that is wider in the bottom where you will put gravels, broken pottery pieces, so as to supply a good drainage.

Next, you should place the plant in and add some compost, opt rather for some compost with cactus. Finally, set your plant in a place that ideally receives some good sunlight for at least 6 to 7 in the morning, but the plant must not be directly exposed to sun rays.

Aloe vera requires only a few amount of water, therefore watering every week during summer and once every other week during winter is more than enough.

You can add some phosphorus fertilizer from time to time so that your plant will gain a better vitality.
Repotting aloe vera must be done rather frequently like every two or three years, since the plant grows quite fast.

Growing aloe vera

Aloe vera reproduces very soon, and quite frequently you will be able to see some small shoots budding up around the mother plant, and as soon as they reach about fifteen centimeters you can repot them in turn.

Otherwise, there is also another technique that at times, gives very good results, for this, simply cut an aloe vera leaf, let it dry for a few hours, then transplant it in a pot with some cactus compost and pour some water and leave the rest in nature’s hands.
Finally, do not forget that there are several hundred types of aloe vera, it is therefore necessary to choose the best and we recommend you to opt for the aloe arborescence which grows faster and taller, aloe aristata, or even aloe saponaria.

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