Aloe vera for your face

Aloe vera for your face
Aloe vera is a plant that particularly sets to captivate the female audience whose cosmetic products are essentially incorporated with aloe vera.

It must necessarily be said there’s nothing better than certain anti-ageing virtues present in aloe vera to nourish your skin any better.

An aloe vera face mask

Whether it’s to treat an oily skin or some dry skin or simply to hydrate the skin after a good sunbath, an aloe vera face mask is the ideal solution to keep your skin well-hydrated and supple.
In order to prepare this mask you will need a cucumber (medium), some aloe vera gel (two teaspoons) and if you have, some essential rose oil (3 to 4 drops), this is well known to tone your skin.

Mix all this in a blender until a homogeneous mixture is formed, then apply this mask with cottons balls to your face spreading it onto the bottom and the nape of your neck, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it off with cool water. As a variant with this mask, you may add three to four teaspoons of honey in addition.

Aloe vera helps reduce pores

Having too many dilated pores very often results in problems besides not being very attractive.
Luckily for you, aloe vera that helps reduce pores in the skin is the perfect treatment. Simply mix cucumber with a half a cup of aloe vera gel and make a paste.

Once it turns into a very soft mixture, apply it generously to your face and leave it throughout the night. But first, cover your pillowcase with a terry towel.

A simple home-made remedy whereas aloe vera that helps reduce pores in the skin is certainly effective.

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