Aloe vera for dandruff

Aloe vera for dandruff
Dandruff; a deep-seated problem for most of us, not always easy to live with and withstand depending on the volume of skin flakes or dandruff that we lose.

This skin disease which mainly affects the scalp,still remains unknown, despite the numerous researches carried out on its subject, and its reasons are not yet fully comprehended, neither does anyone know the 100% effective remedyin this respect.

On the contrary, several possible treatments are introduced and aloe vera stands higher among these remedies. Being natural, harmless and less expensive, this is one of the most appreciated and recommended solutions.

Aloe vera to treat dandruff

Aloe vera, a natural remedy for dandruff is a simple treatment to follow with two possible solutions.

As regards with the first one, it requires some aloe vera oil, which is to be accurate, a macerate. The second solution is to use some aloe vera gel, which will bea little less perfect and combinedwith the second ingredient than the oil but nevertheless, remains quite effective.

So as to cure dandruff using aloe vera, you will hence need some aloe vera oil or gel and some tea tree oil.

The method

In a bowl, mix a cup of aloe vera oil or aloe vera gel and add approximately 15 to 20 drops of tea tree oil. And then put in a spray bottle.
Remember that this is a strong oil and you should not use it in any excess amounts.

Mix it well before every use, spay it on dry hair and on the scalp, be generous. Tea tree oil and aloe vera will then start acting on your dandruff.

Then massage your scalp with the mixture and finally leave it for good twenty minutes. There’s nothing else you’ll need to do except to rinse it off later. An operation to be done every day in order to procure best results.

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