Aloe vera and Burns

Aloe vera and Burns
Aloe vera is a product that usually appears on the front pages of magazines every summer, it must be said that its capacities to relieve sunburns, are equal in every respect to the famous Biafine, a supernatural cream that is applied as soon as we become a little red.

Aloe vera and Sunburns

A sunburn is far from being a harmless, minor burn, it can on the contrary have some serious consequences and may cause adverse harmful effects and damage your skin.

Sunburns are nothing new, and in tropics and other times, Greeks or even Egyptians have already made use of aloe vera to relieve their skin after an increased exposure to sunlight.
The principle quality of aloe vera in this respect is that it rehydrates deeper into the skin and helps it reconstruct.

A property that has also been scientifically proven and related studies are also quite evident.

Aloe vera for first and second degree burns is more effective by far than a classic treatment with a silver sulfadiazine antibacterial cream.

The results of the test are certainly very precise, aloe vera helps cure about 20 % faster than a classic medicinal treatment would

Aloe vera and Minor burns

A sunburn is comparable to a burn and the use of aloe vera is highly recommended for this.

During a burn, you must at first cool the affected area by washing it or placing it under cold water.

And then, some aloe vera gel must be applied generously. If however the pain is too high for this application, simply coat a sterile gauze with some aloe vera gel or an aloe vera cream and place it on the burned part.
In addition to aloe vera being an excellent hydrator, it also has analgesic properties that will reduce the pain.

Do not however hesitate to consult a healthcare professional for an increased safety.

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