23 Surprising Uses of Aloe Vera


Best aloe vera uses

Aloe vera cures minor vaginal irritations.
Aloe vera gel is ideal for removing eye make-up smoothly.
Aloe vera helps fade away bruises more quickly.
Aloe vera relieves insect bites.
Aloe vera is perfect for treating the athlete’s foot.
Aloe vera helps shrink warts.
Aloe vera is designed to treat symptoms of irritable bowel.
Aloe vera gel has achieved greater results during studies than most mouthwashes.
Aloe vera gel has a minimal laxative effect if it’s pure; instead the epidermis of its leaves contains this in rich amounts.
Aloe vera gel can be used to fight wrinkles and other ageing effects.
Aloe vera gel can be very effective in curing acne rosacea.
Aloe vera gel can be an effective remedy to treat first and second degree burns.
Aloe vera gel is intended to decrease acne symptoms.
Aloe vera gel is known to treat herpes.
Aloe vera gel is good for sunburns and also for frostbites.
Aloe vera gel is ideal to be used as a treatment for blisters.
Aloe vera gel helps reduce and cure any skin reactions quickly.
Aloe vera gel will soothe and help relieve continuous gastric refluxes.
Aloe vera gel helps fight dandruff problems.
Aloe vera gel is ideal to promote digestion during large meals like Christmas and New Year holidays.
Aloe vera gel when massaged on pregnant women helps avoid stretch marks.
Aloe vera gel contributes in producing sebum and reduces oily skin problems.
The inner side of aloe vera leaves can be used to cleanse the skin.

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